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Volume 3: Issue 28, August 2016
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Do you know!!

You can use the pricing entries smarter to get good options for fares. See the following pricing tips:

FXB/K To keep the cabins as it is, especially when the priced segments booked on different cabins.
FXB/KC Low fare search in the specific cabin (Business).
FXB/KFCY Low fare search within the specified cabins (First & Business & Economy).
FXB/KC,Y Low fare search in Business cabin, and if no seats are available search in Economy cabin.
FXB/R,UP Low fare search within negotiated fares and published fares.

Any of the above options could be used with FXD, but with double slashes “//” instead of one slash “/”, (e.g. FXD//R,KFCY)

FXD//R,U111111-222222,P Low fare search using the Master Pricer Expert, and extending the search to multiple corporate/negotiated fares with many airlines, and include the published fares

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